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I Think There Is Some Bug With Clearml==1.7.1. I’M Working With Pipelines And After Updating To

i think there is some bug with clearml==1.7.1.

I’m working with pipelines and after updating to 1.7.1 all the kwargs are passed as None to the steps, when downgrading to 1.7.0 it works.

When i look at the “uncommitted changes” that the steps produce i also see differences in the params parts.

Posted 7 months ago
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Answers 7

The pipeline is a bit complex, but it did that with a very dumb example

Posted 7 months ago

Hi PricklyRaven28 , do you have a small snippet to play with?

Posted 7 months ago

I can make an issue in GitHub if that helps keep track of it

Posted 7 months ago

don’t have one ATM

Posted 7 months ago

PricklyRaven28 SmugSnake6 the latest RC should solve this (1.7.2rc1)

Posted 7 months ago

SmugSnake6 yep, that’s exactly it.

Hope the team is aware and will fix it

Posted 7 months ago
7 Answers
7 months ago
4 months ago