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Hi Everyone, I'M Looking For Configuring My Server Web Such That The Presented Url (Web, Api, Fileserver), Given When You Click For A New Credential, Are The Right Ones With My Configuration. For Instance, I Have Added Clearml_Api_Host In The Docker-File.

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for configuring my server web such that the presented url (web, api, fileserver), given when you click for a new credential, are the right ones with my configuration. For instance, I have added CLEARML_API_HOST in the docker-file. But the web server still shows something like host1:8008. How to set the api url ? I have tried api { api_server:url } in a apiserver.conf but it does not work. The configuration works well but the variables used by the web app do not show the good config.
Many thanks

Posted one year ago
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or maybe it's apiBaseUrl how can I modify those ones

Posted one year ago

Hi CostlyOstrich36 Sure. My web-server currently shows somethings like :
api { web_server: host1 api_server: host1:8008 credentials { "access_key" = "akey" "secret_key" = "skey" } }, when I ask for credential

Posted one year ago

Hi DepravedCoyote18 , can you please elaborate a bit on what the current state is now and how you would like it to be?

Posted one year ago

However host1:8008 is not the right information, I have another url for the api. How can I change the display ?

Posted one year ago

I want to modify API_BASE_URL of the web server

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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