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Hi, In The New Datasets Ui. It Doesn'T Seem To Display The Entire Lineage Of The Datasets. For Example. If A Dataset Is Create As Such Id1 (Parent)->Id2, Then Another Dataset Created As Id2(Parent)-> Id3. When You Look At Id3, It Only Shows Id2 As Parent.

Hi, in the new datasets UI. It doesn't seem to display the entire lineage of the datasets. For example. if a dataset is create as such id1 (parent)->id2, then another dataset created as id2(parent)-> id3. When you look at id3, it only shows id2 as parent. There's also no easy way to go to id2 and get the lineage info. Neither is this information shown in the Genealogy plot

Posted one year ago
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Hi SubstantialElk6 ,

Just making sure I understand DS1 is parent of DS2 which is parent of DS3. DS3 doesn't show DS1 as one of it's parents. correct?

Posted one year ago

Hi CostlyOstrich36 , That's correct.

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago