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Hello, Can I Somehow Make An Exact Copy Of Completed Task Including Scalars, Plots, Artifacts, Etc.? I Do Not Plan Run The Experiment Again, I Just Want To Add Some Metrics Evaluated On A New Dataset To The Copy Of The Task. Thank You In Advance.

Hello, can I somehow make an exact copy of Completed Task including scalars, plots, artifacts, etc.? I do not plan run the experiment again, I just want to add some metrics evaluated on a new dataset to the copy of the Task. Thank you in advance.

Posted one year ago
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Hello CostlyOstrich36 , thank you, eventually I will try it. But I was looking for a safer way to do it if anything goes wrong.

Posted one year ago

Hello CurvedHedgehog15 , I don't think there is such an option. You can however add metrics over a completed task.

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago