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Hi Everyone ! I Am Trying To Remotely Run A Code From A Github Repo Which Necessitates Some Installs (As Shown In The Picture). What Is The Best Way To Run These After Cloning The Git Repo ? Some Observations I Made:

Hi Everyone !
I am trying to remotely run a code from a github repo which necessitates some installs (as shown in the picture).
What is the best way to run these after cloning the git repo ?

Some observations I made:
The docker_bash_setup_script cannot be passed an argument to the Task.init() function (only to the Task.Create() which can't launch the task to be executed remotely for some reason) When creating an agent in docker mode, I am able to pass a docker image and a bash setup script in the config file but the setup script is ran before the git clone (that clearml does automatically). Is there a way to make the bash setup script run after the git clone operation ?
Does anyone have some information that can help with this ?
Thank you !

Posted one year ago
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Hi SwankyCrab22 ,

Regarding Task.init() did you try passing docker_bash_setup_script and it didn't work? Because according to the docs it should be available with Task.init() as well. Also, after the Task.init() you can use the following method:
to also add a docker_setup_bash_script in it's args.

Regarding running the script after the repository is downloaded - I'm not sure. But certainly you can add the actions required pythonically, no?

Posted one year ago

Hi John,

Thank you for your answer !
Unfortunately the docker_bash_setup_script is not accepted by Task.init() (see the picture I attached).
I also considered using the method set_base_docker but it says that this function is ignored when running remotely (which is what I need)...
Is there a way to make it work anyway ?

Regarding your suggestion of running the script pythonically, this might work but I'm trying to avoid it at the moment because it would necessitates mixing some code with the imports.

Posted one year ago

Hi, i have the same question. Why would this be ignored if called remotely?

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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