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Automatic Ssh Keys Export To Agent In Docker Mode

automatic ssh keys export to agent in docker mode
I don't know how about you - but I have struggled with mounting my host ssh keys inside a docker while using clearML agent in docker mode.
My workaround was to specify explicit mounts in extra_docker_arguments parameter inside clearml.conf for the agent.
But AgitatedDove14 has pointed out the proper solution - just run agent with the following command:
SSH_AUTH_SOCK= clearml-agent daemon --gpus <your config> --queue <your queue name> --dockerThis works like a charm. I think it should be in a documentation - it is not clear at all and it was one of the main obstacles using the killer feature of ClearML.
Thanks AgitatedDove14

Posted one year ago
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Many thanks! I'll pass on to technical writers 🙂

Posted one year ago

Thanks GentleSwallow91
That's a good tip, where in the docs would you add it?

Posted one year ago

Hi Martin.
I think a proper place would be somewhere in https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/clearml_agent#execution

And one more question - I have compared two docker commands - 1st without cleaning SSH_AUTH_SOCK
It's portion regarding SSH mount looks like this:
'-v', '/tmp/ssh-XXXXXXnfYTo5/agent.8946:/tmp/ssh-XXXXXXnfYTo5/agent.8946', '-e', 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh-XXXXXXnfYTo5/agent.8946'To me all seems to be correct it maps temporary folder with ssh keys and points SSH_AUTH_SOCK to it

And 2nd with cleaning SSH_AUTH_SOCK - there's only mapping present and that works just fine.
'-v', '/tmp/clearml_agent.ssh.kiwjbp6z:/home/testuser/.ssh'So my point is that both should work but only the latter does.

Posted one year ago