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Hi. I Am Experimenting With

Hi. I am experimenting with clearml.Dataset and encountering an error.

LockException: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable

In my experiment, I make a chain of datasets where each new dataset adds new files to an existing (finalized parent) dataset.

Here is code I use to make the chain of datasets:
` from clearml import Dataset
import os
from pathlib import Path

def make_batch(i_batch, files_per_batch=10):
"""make a batch of mock data files in a folder"""
batch_path = Path(f"./batch_{i_batch}")
os.makedirs(batch_path, exist_ok=True)
for i in range(files_per_batch):
with open(batch_path / f"file_{i_batch}{i}.txt", "w") as fp:
{i_batch}_{i} contents\n")
return batch_path

def make_dataset_chain(num_datasets=3):
"""make a set of chained datasets"""
project = "testing-datasets"
parent_datasets = None
for i_batch in range(num_datasets):
batch_path = make_batch(i_batch)

    new_dataset_name = f"chained_dataset_{i_batch}"
    the_dataset = Dataset.create(
    parent_datasets = [the_dataset.id]

make_dataset_chain() If I then try to download dataset_1 or dataset_2 : the_dataset = Dataset.get(dataset_project="testing-datasets", dataset_name="dataset_1")
ds_path = the_dataset.get_local_copy() The get_local_copy() waits 300 seconds and then throws that error LockException `

If I try to get a local copy of dataset_0 :
the_dataset = Dataset.get(dataset_project="testing-datasets", dataset_name="dataset_1") ds_path = the_dataset.get_local_copy()The dataset_0 is downloaded without issue

Attaching an image of what dataset_2 looks like in the dataset viewer for clarity.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some other way of making new datasets by adding to older (finalized) ones?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 7

TimelyPenguin76 , this turned out to be the reason I was having locking issues https://clearml.slack.com/archives/CTK20V944/p1658761943458649 :
SweetBadger76 , CostlyOstrich36 : I've attempted essentially the same thing before https://clearml.slack.com/archives/CTK20V944/p1657124102133519 and I thought it had worked in the past so I'm not sure why it is failing me now.

Posted one year ago

Hi PanickyMoth78 ,

I've just recreated your example and it works for me on clearml==1.6.2 but indeed not on clearml==1.6.3rc1 which means we have some work to do before the full release 🙂 Can you try on clearml==1.6.2 to check that it does work there?

Posted one year ago


LockException: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable

I'm not sure I understand how you got to this error (obviously creating datasets and getting them back works), what is unique in the setup/flow itself ?

Posted one year ago

AgitatedDove14 I was able to recreate the error. Simply by running Lavi's example on clearml==1.6.3rc1 in a fresh env. I don't know what is unique to the flow itself, but it does seem reproducible

Posted one year ago

Hi PanickyMoth78 we've just released an RC with a deadlock fix which might resolve your issue - 1.6.3.rc2 - please take a look and see if it works for you 🙂

Posted one year ago

Also a big thank you for so thoroughly testing the system and providing this amount of feedback, it really does help us make the tool better for everyone! 😄

Posted one year ago

I'm on clearml==1.6.3rc1

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
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