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Hi, Bug Report. I Was Trying To Upload Data To S3 Via Clearml.Dataset Interface

Hi, bug report. I was trying to upload data to S3 via clearml.Dataset interface
def finalize(dataset: Dataset, hyperparams: HyperParams) -> None: dataset.add_files(f"{DATA_DIR}", wildcard="*.parquet", verbose=hyperparams.verbose) dataset.upload(verbose=hyperparams.verbose) dataset.finalize(verbose=hyperparams.verbose) Task.current_task().mark_completed() The logs showed me that everything was uploaded (3 chunks of data)
... 2022-07-04 10:50:29,771 - clearml.storage - INFO - Uploading: 320.25MB / 321.25MB @ 208.26MBs from /tmp/dataset.zip File compression and upload completed: total size 1.31 GB, 3 chunked stored (average size 438.24 MB) Updating statistics and genealogy 2022-07-04 13:50:46 Process completed successfullyHowever, there were only 2 chunks in my artifacts (data_001, data_002).

It is not a constant thing, so I don’t know was it an issue of AWS or something wrong happened inside ClearML. Maybe some checksum should be applied to verify the upload status.

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi NonchalantGiraffe17 ! Thanks for reporting this. It would be easier for us to check if there is something wrong with ClearML if we knew the number and sizes of the files you are trying to upload (content is not relevant). Could you maybe provide those?

Posted 2 years ago

It would be great if you could also send your clearml package version πŸ™‚

Posted 2 years ago

SmugDolphin23 As I said there were 3 chunks of data (up to 483 MB each). Here the one that was lost
chats/dispute_gc_chats_133400961_137507205.parquet - 51.93 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_170882671_174999873.parquet - 98.5 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_143439217_146742448.parquet - 122.29 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_133400961_137507205.parquet - 145.08 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_146742448_150159762.parquet - 52.49 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_160661300_164213405.parquet - 95.77 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_153691420_157306621.parquet - 119.58 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_184071714_188636116.parquet - 142.56 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_150159762_153691420.parquet - 55.52 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_157306621_160661300.parquet - 95.21 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_150159762_153691420.parquet - 119.65 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_160661300_164213405.parquet - 142.66 MB

Posted 2 years ago

Perfect! Can you please provide the sizes of the files of the other 2 chunks as well?

Posted 2 years ago

The previously mentioned chunk is from different task. Here the 2 pieces that was successfully uploaded:

chats/dispute_gc_chats_127600000_133400961.parquet - 54.36 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_170882671_174999873.parquet - 76.4 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_140483651_143439217.parquet - 47.43 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_137507205_140483651.parquet - 70.56 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_184071714_188602761.parquet - 47.98 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_140483651_143439217.parquet - 71.04 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_153691420_157306621.parquet - 49.93 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_184071714_188602761.parquet - 72.76 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_174999873_179485776.parquet - 49.73 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_174999873_179485776.parquet - 72.82 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_143439217_146742448.parquet - 50.94 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_133400961_137507205.parquet - 73.72 MBdata_002
chats/dispute_gc_chats_146742448_150159762.parquet - 52.49 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_164213405_167495033.parquet - 74.72 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_137507205_140483651.parquet - 51.54 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_157306621_160661300.parquet - 73.8 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_133400961_137507205.parquet - 51.93 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_127600000_133400961.parquet - 74.02 MB chats/dispute_gc_chats_179485776_184071714.parquet - 51.33 MB trades/dispute_gc_trades_160661300_164213405.parquet - 74.34 MB

Posted 2 years ago

SweetBadger76 clearml==1.5.0
WebApp: 1.5.0-192 Server: 1.5.0-192 API: 2.18

Posted 2 years ago

thanks ! we have added quite a lot of new features on datasets on our last releases. I would encourage you to update your clearml packages πŸ™‚

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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