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Hi There I'M Trying Out Clearml. I Saw Mention That Clearml Can Capture Tensorboard Output So I Tried It With This Little Script (Image Below). The Events File Is Filled, The Clearml Task Is Created, And Marked Complete However There Is Nothing In The Sc

Hi there

I'm trying out clearml.
I saw mention that clearml can capture tensorboard output so I tried it with this little script (image below).
The events file is filled, the clearml task is created, and marked complete however there is nothing in the scalars tab. Should this have worked?

Posted one year ago
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Strange, I'm not familiar with tensorboard_logger package. I see it's latest package on pypi is also 0.1.0 with latest supported python 3.5.

Scalers are usually reported and auto captured through SummaryWriter if I'm not mistaken. I found an example here:

Anyhow I'll take a look into it 🙂

Posted one year ago

here is the code in text if you feel like giving it a try:
import tensorboard_logger as tb_logger from clearml import Task task = Task.init(project_name="great project", task_name="test_tb_logging") task_tb_logger = tb_logger.Logger(logdir='./tb/run1', flush_secs=2) for i in range(10): task_tb_logger.log_value("some_metric", 42, i) task.close()

Posted one year ago

clearml 1.6.1

Posted one year ago

Hi PanickyMoth78 ,

What version of ClearML are you using?

Posted one year ago

PanickyMoth78 'tensorboard_logger' is an old deprecated package that meant to create TB events without TB, it was created before TB was a separate package. Long story short, it is not supported. That said if you just run the same code and replace tensorboard_logger with tensorboard, you should see all scalars in the UI

ClearML logs TB events as they are created in real-time, TB_logger is not TB, it creates events and dumps them directly into a TB equivalent event file

Posted one year ago

Would you expect this fastai callback to work?
(Uses SummaryWriter):
It seems to have failed as well (but I'd need to check more carefully)

Posted one year ago

thanks. Switching to SummaryWriter shouldn't be hard for us.

Posted one year ago
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