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Hi, Is There Any Approach To Export The Selected Experiments To Csv Or Excel In A Project? Just Like To Export The Following Tables. Thanks.

Is there any approach to export the selected experiments to csv or Excel in a project? Just like to export the following tables. Thanks.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 4

You need to use the API for exporting experiments to csv/excel. I am preparing an example for you

Posted one year ago

SweetBadger76 Thanks! Waiting for your example.

Posted one year ago

ok so here is the example.
the idea is to use the API, and finally reproduce what the WebUI does.

` from clearml.backend_api.session.client import APIClient
from clearml import Task

task = Task.get_task(task_id=xxxx)
#or Task.get_task(project_name=xxx, task_name=xxx)

client = APIClient()
my_data = client.tasks.get_by_id(task.id).to_dict()

with open('./my_data.csv', 'w') as f:
for key in my_data.keys():
f.write("%s, %s\n" % (key, my_data[key]) ) `

Posted one year ago

SweetBadger76 Thanks.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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