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Hello We Want To Serve A Simple Rulebase Model. Think It As A .Py With With A Simple If...Else Function 1) How Do You Deliver A Rule Based Model. Or Do I Need To Train A Tensorflopytorch,Scikitlearn To Serve A Simple Rulebase Model. 2) How Do You Manage

Hello we want to serve a simple rulebase model. Think it as a .py with with a simple if...else function

  1. How do you deliver a Rule Based model. Or do I need to Train a TensorfloPytorch,Scikitlearn to serve a simple rulebase model.

  2. How do you manage your online featurer using ClearML?


Posted one year ago
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What do you mean exactly? Is it that you want more visibility into what kind of preprocessing code is running for each endpoint?

Posted one year ago

Hi Oriel!

If you want to only serve an if-else model, why do you want to use clearml-serving for that? What do you mean by "online featurer"?

Posted one year ago

Hi DeterminedCrocodile36 ,

To use a custom engine you need to change the process tree.
Section 3 is what you're interested in
And here is an example of the code you need to change. I think it's fairly straightforward.

Posted one year ago

Adding a custom engine example is on the 'to do' list but if you manage to add a PR with an example it would be great 🙂

Posted one year ago

But if I'm going to use Preprocessing Layer for tha then I won't be able to seeat ClearML Models the methods for RuleBased vs The ML based models.

Posted one year ago

Because I want different models versions in the same API fashion. Some of them are RuleBased som of them are MLbased.

  1. At the inference I need to ask som other features from distinct sources. Ex: Some third ApI request.
Posted one year ago

Like Nathan said, custom engines are a TODO, but for your second question, you can add that API request in the model preprocessing, which is a function you can define yourself! It will be ran every time a request comes in and you can do whatever you want in it and change the incoming data however you wish 🙂

example: https://github.com/allegroai/clearml-serving/blob/main/examples/keras/preprocess.py

Posted one year ago