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Hello, I’Ve Enabled The Web Authentication For My Clearml Server And I’M Wondering Whether There’S A Way To Avoid Restarting All The Clearml Services Every Time A New User Is Added. For Example If Some Experiments Are Ongoing A New User Can’T Be Added Wit

Hello, I’ve enabled the web authentication for my ClearML server and I’m wondering whether there’s a way to avoid restarting all the ClearML services every time a new user is added. For example if some experiments are ongoing a new user can’t be added without risking to loose the ongoing exp tracking. Thank you

Posted 2 years ago
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RattyLouse61 the ClearML SDK and Agent are both designed to be resilient to server down time, so your experiments should do.ply wait until the server gets back online

Posted 2 years ago

I'm not sure it's not possible in the open version. I think this is because the users are loaded into the server when the server loads all the config files. This usually happens on server startup.

However, even if you simply restart the apiserver, any running experiments should continue running and resume communication with the backend once the apiserver is back up.

There is also the option of manually creating documents directly on mongodb - but it is unadvisable.

Posted 2 years ago

oh, I found it 🙂
cd /opt/clearml sudo docker-compose restart apiserver

Posted 2 years ago

Hi RattyLouse61 , how are you adding users? Are you adding them as fixed users in one of the configuration files?

Posted 2 years ago

how do I restart just the apiserver? If I’m not wrong this command
sudo docker-compose -f /opt/clearml/docker-compose.yml downwill stop all the services

Posted 2 years ago
6 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago