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Prev, I Worked With Clearml (1 Year Back) And Back Then, We Config Seldon Core For The Deployment And Clearml For The Training.. Now There Is Clearml-Serving, Does It And Can It Fulfill A Similar Objective ?

Prev, i worked with Clearml (1 year back) and back then, we config Seldon Core for the deployment and Clearml for the training..
Now there is clearml-serving, does it and can it fulfill a similar objective ?

Posted one year ago
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Hi DeliciousBluewhale87 , yes I think it does. Although I think ClearML-Serving works as a control plane on top of your serving engine.

Posted one year ago

Hi, i'm gonna hijack this thread a bit. My community uses ClearML and is looking at various model deployment strategies. We are looking at a seamless integration with Triton but noted they Triton does not support deployment strategies. ClearML-Serving seems to but the strategies are rather limited. Is there a roadmap to expand Clearml-serving?

Posted one year ago

Hi, by deployment strategies I meant by canary, blue-green...etc..etc. I figured this should be done by clearml-serving and maybe seldon as well.

Posted one year ago

what does a control plane do ? I cant understand this..
Like the serving engine, will get the user input, preprocess, infer it and send back the results..

Posted one year ago

SubstantialElk6 when you say "Triton does not support deployment strategies" what exactly do you mean?
BTW: updated documentation already up here:

Posted one year ago

Hi DeliciousBluewhale87
This is the latest clearml-serving (stable release at GTC at the end of the month)

Generally speaking, clearml-sering is a control plane, preprocessing, ML inference, with Nvidia Triton for DL inference (fully transparent).
It allows you to spin an entire fully dynamic & scalable serving on top of k8s cluster. Once you spin the base containers, you can configure them live with a CLI, this includes adding new endpoint model serving including preprocessing code.

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
10 months ago