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Hey, I Tried To Use


I tried to use clearml-data with PascalVOC2007 and something weird happened:
$ wget -q $ tar xf VOCtrainval_06-Nov-2007.tar $ cd VOCdevkit/VOC2007 $ ls Annotations ImageSets JPEGImages SegmentationClass SegmentationObject $ clearml-data create --project Datasets --name PascalVOC-2007 $ clearml-data add --files * $ clearml-data close
At this point everything seems okay, everything uploads to our server etc

However, running clearml-data get downloads the dataset without the hierarchy :
$ ls ~/.clearml/cache/storage_manager/datasets/random-dataset-id/ | wc -l 10447This should return 5 .

What happened is that all the folders were flattened and forgot, and I wanted them to stay. What did I do wrong?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 7

FrothyDog40 thanks, the . works 😄

Posted one year ago

Latest clearml, freshly installed today

Posted one year ago

I haven't tries code yet

Posted one year ago

RotundHedgehog76 Have you tried clearml-data add --files .
? (Probably best to try on a smaller subset first)

Posted one year ago

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll let you know tmrw!

Posted one year ago

Also, what happens when you try to access the dataset through the code?

Posted one year ago

Which version for clearml-data are you using?

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
8 months ago