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Hey, I Tried To Use


I tried to use clearml-data with PascalVOC2007 and something weird happened:
$ wget -q $ tar xf VOCtrainval_06-Nov-2007.tar $ cd VOCdevkit/VOC2007 $ ls Annotations ImageSets JPEGImages SegmentationClass SegmentationObject $ clearml-data create --project Datasets --name PascalVOC-2007 $ clearml-data add --files * $ clearml-data close
At this point everything seems okay, everything uploads to our server etc

However, running clearml-data get downloads the dataset without the hierarchy :
$ ls ~/.clearml/cache/storage_manager/datasets/random-dataset-id/ | wc -l 10447This should return 5 .

What happened is that all the folders were flattened and forgot, and I wanted them to stay. What did I do wrong?

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 7

FrothyDog40 thanks, the . works 😄

Posted 2 years ago

Which version for clearml-data are you using?

Posted 2 years ago

Also, what happens when you try to access the dataset through the code?

Posted 2 years ago

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll let you know tmrw!

Posted 2 years ago

Latest clearml, freshly installed today

Posted 2 years ago

I haven't tries code yet

Posted 2 years ago

RotundHedgehog76 Have you tried clearml-data add --files .
? (Probably best to try on a smaller subset first)

Posted 2 years ago
7 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago