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I Just Found Out That I Have A Lot Of Data In /Opt/Clearml/Fileserver For Tasks That I Already Have Deleted. No Artifacts Are Displayed In The Webui. Anyway I Can Automatically Delete All Unused Data?

I just found out that I have a lot of data in /opt/clearml/fileserver for tasks that I already have deleted. No artifacts are displayed in the WebUI. Anyway I can automatically delete all unused data?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

It seems like this is a bug however or is something like this to be expected? There shouldn't be files that are not shown in the WebUI..?

Posted one year ago

Hmmmm you can automate the cleanup. Iterate through folders, if such an experiment exists, skip, if no experiment exists, delete folder

Posted one year ago

I see. Thank you!

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago