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Hello, Is There A Way To Running Multiple Environments (Like Staging, Production) On The Same Clearml Instance? Or Do We Need Separate Instance For Each Environment? Or Is There A Way To Restrict What Each User Can Do? (Like Not Modify Other User Experime

Is there a way to running multiple environments (like staging, production) on the same clearml instance? Or do we need separate instance for each environment? Or is there a way to restrict what each user can do? (like not modify other user experimenta, for example?) Right now, each user has full access to everything. Thanks

Posted one year ago
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Answers 5

CostlyOstrich36 thanks! do you happen to know the pricing for enterprise version? The professional version is already $1k/month. So look like it's expensive. Maybe I'll just add another instance to do different environment

Posted one year ago

Hi CostlyOstrich36 yes, I'm running it on my EC2 instance.
I'm also running some cronjobs, so I'm not sure if I can still ssh and add cronjob if use enterprise version

Posted one year ago

Hi :)
I'm guessing you're running a self hosted version? I think that access rules are a feature in the enterprise version only.

Posted one year ago

I'm sure you can, it's an enterprise version after all 🙂

Posted one year ago

I'm not versed in the pricing 😛

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago