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Hi, The Restful Api

Hi, the RESTful API POST /task.get_all seems to be limited to 500 tasks but I have 2k tasks (because each task is trained very quickly on a single data sample). Is there a way to retrieve all the tasks? I would like to get their scalar_metrics.

Posted 2 years ago
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I'm doing:
` from clearml.backend_api import Session
from clearml.backend_api.services import tasks, events, projects

... # get project_ids

session = Session()
res = session.send(tasks.GetAllRequest(project=project_ids)) this response object res is limited to 500 tasks, and no scroll_id ` is provided.

When I do tasks.get_all (which is not the RESTful API I don't have the option to filter by project name

Posted 2 years ago

Thank you, but I still don't know how to authenticate my REST API session

Oh, I missed that 🙂
Actually, you can simply use the APIClient which does that for you.
If you want to keep using what you did, simply take the session from one of the built-in classes:
session = Task._get_default_session()

Posted 2 years ago

You can use scroll_id to scroll through the tasks. When you call tasks.get_all you will get a scroll_id back. Use that scroll_id in the following calls to go through the entire database. Considering you have only 2k tasks, you can cover this in 4 scrolls 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Thank you, but I still don't know how to authenticate my REST API session

Posted 2 years ago

Hi SuperficialDolphin93 ,
These calls have a page and page_size parameters - you can simply get the results page by page

Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
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