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Hi, I Want Clearml To Not Install Packages From My Pycharm Environment, But Activate An Environment I Have Locally On The Computer The Agent Is Installed On, Is The Variable Clearml_Agent_Skip_Pip_Venv_Install Relevant To This, And If So Can I Configure I

hi, i want clearml to not install packages from my pycharm environment, but activate an environment i have locally on the computer the agent is installed on, is the variable CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL relevant to this, and if so can i configure it in the script and not the agent configuration? as other runs might need to use a different env

Posted 2 years ago
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It should be autodetected, and listed in the installed packages with something like:
keras-contrib @git+https://www.github.com/keras-team/keras-contrib.gitIs this what you are seeing?
If not you can add it manually with:
Task.add_requirements('git+ ') Task.init(...)Notice to call before Task.init

Posted 2 years ago

the package is keras-contrib, it can't be installed regularly with pip install, you need to use pip install git+ https://www.github.com/keras-team/keras-contrib.git

Posted 2 years ago

Hi ConvolutedChicken69
assuming you are runnign the agent in venv mode you can do something like:
$ CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL=1 clearml-agent daemon --queue defaultThis will basically only clone the code and use the default python the clearml-agent itself is using.
Does that help?

it gets an error as it can't find it with pip.

What's the error? how come the package cannot be installed ?

Posted 2 years ago

for example i have a package that can't be installed with pip regularly, but with pip from a git repo, and when the agent installs the requirements from the pycharm env it gets an error as it can't find it with pip. so i thought of just having the environment locally and use it

Posted 2 years ago

I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but why not use that environment in pycharm then?

Posted 2 years ago

running from pycharm, i want it to use the env i have on the agent, like when i do venv/bin/activate.

Posted 2 years ago

You're running your experiment from pycharm? Are you using the same environment in pycharm for all your experiments and you want the task to take packages from your 'agent' environment?

Posted 2 years ago
7 Answers
2 years ago
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