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Hello, We Encountered Issue That Our Model Experimenting Was Pending With Msg "Waiting To Finish Uploads". It Did Not Complete The Experiment With "Failed Model Upload" Though. Suspecting The Url Of Fileserver Was Not Correct, Anyway To Know The Url Of Ow

hello, We encountered issue that our model experimenting was pending with msg "waiting to finish uploads". It did not complete the experiment with "failed model upload" though.
Suspecting the url of fileserver was not correct, anyway to know the url of own deployed clearml fileserver?

It used to work and this behavior seems to be intermittent.

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 2

OddShrimp85 , Can you see if the models are connected to the experiment in the UI and if they are, what their uri is? What was your use case?

Posted 2 years ago

OddShrimp85 you can see the full configuration at the top of the Task log. What do you have there? Also what is the clearml python version?

Posted 2 years ago