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Hi Guys, I Want Automate The Clearml-Init In A Docker Container. Ideally I Would Do This By Having The Clearml.Conf File In The Container And Then Read In Env Variables I.E. Any Recommendations Would Be Good?

Hi guys, I want automate the clearml-init in a docker container. Ideally I would do this by having the clearml.conf file in the container and then read in env variables i.e. Any recommendations would be good?

` api {
# Ryan's workspace
web_server: ${CLEARML_WEB_SERVER}
api_server: ${CLEARML_API_SERVER}
files_server: ${CLEARML_FILES_SERVER}
credentials {
"access_key" = ${CLEARML_KEY}
"secret_key" = ${CLEARML_SECRET}


aws {
s3 {
region: ${CLEARML_S3_REGION}
} `

Posted one year ago
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Answers 7

That’s about what i do

Posted one year ago

I have a wrapper SDK over clearml that includes default conf and others are loaded from secret manager / env vars as needed

Posted one year ago

great thank you it's working. Just wanted to check before adding all env vars 🙂

Posted one year ago

I then install this wrapper SDK in my containers, notebook instances etc

Posted one year ago

thanks for the speedy response!

Posted one year ago

okay so this could be a python script that generates the clearml.conf in the working dir in the container?

Posted one year ago

RobustRat47 ASAIK this should already be supported by the underlying HOCON configuration format used by ClearML - something like ${PATH} should automatically be substituted by the PATH environment variable ( %PATH% in Windows)

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
4 months ago