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Ux Question\Request: Is There A Planned Interface Feature To Enable Convenient Debug Images Scrolling ? Or Maybe There Is A Different Way To Do It? When It Gets To 1000'S It Gets Very Frustrating, It Literally Requires 100'S Of Clicks To View A Debug Imag

The scalars page provides a metric hide/show control - Is this the one you mean? The debug images page also provides a filter by metric - Depending on your naming policy this can easily be used to focus on more sparsely appearing images.well, it does in a sense, but the poor version. while in the scalars you can browse over full names or headers (full_name= "header / description" format) both from a list or by regexp, in the debug images there is only the header filtering and only from a list..
in my use case I can have above 10 debug images types per category.. so by itself the header is not sufficient
Else, an example of the filter you were thinking of would be appreciated.So the example remains the scalars filtering
Regardless, direct iteration access could definitely extend the debug image page usability - Care to open a GitHub issue?I'll do that hopefully beginning of next week

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago