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Hi Recently Upgraded All The Clearml, Clearml-Server, Clearml-Agent. Now Running K8S Glue With Clearml-Agent=1.0.1Rc1.

Hi recently upgraded all the clearml, clearml-server, clearml-agent.
Now running k8s glue with clearml-agent=1.0.1rc1.
python3 k8s_glue_example.py --queue 1bgpu --template-yaml custom.yml --namespace defaultcustom.yml looks like this.
` apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod

  • image: quay.io/jax79sg/clearml-agent:latest
    nvidia.com/gpu: 1
    cpu: "1"
    memory: "4Gi"
    restartPolicy: Never I run my code (clearml=1.0.3) with extract of following task.set_base_docker("quay.io/jax79sg/detectron2:v4 )
    task.execute_remotely(queue_name="1gpu", exit_process=True) When the clearml runs, the CLearml Server UI shows http://quay.io/jax79sg/detectron2:v4 in "execution->container". But when i performkubectl describe pod [podname]` spawned by k8s glue, the pod is pulling the default image stated in the clearml.conf of the agent. Why is this so? This has broken most of our runs.
Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 4

Hi SubstantialElk6 , this sounds related to a bug I found a few days ago - let me try to release an updated RC version for you later today so you can try it out 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Hi SuccessfulKoala55 , thanks, tested the patch and its working as expected now.

Posted 2 years ago

Ok thanks, looking forward to it. Would you advise on the bug you encountered?

Posted 2 years ago

Hi SubstantialElk6 , please try out 1.0.1rc3 🙂

Posted 2 years ago
4 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago