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Hi All, I Was Wondering If It Is Possible To Set The Aws Autoscaler (And Other Aws Services Such As S3) To Assume The Permissions Of A Specific Iam Role. I Didn'T Find Any Reference To This In The Documentation

Hey LovelyHamster1 ,
If s3 is what you're interested of, then the above would do the trick.
Note that you can attach the IAM using instance profiles. You can read about those here:
Once you have an instance profile, you can add it to the autoscaler using the extra_configurations section in the autoscaler.
Under your resource_configurations -> some resource name -> add an extra_configurations section which is a dict of the boto3 format.
See IamInstanceProfile https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/reference/services/ec2.html#EC2.Client.run_instances and use the same types as in boto3.

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
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