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Hi All, I Was Wondering If It Is Possible To Set The Aws Autoscaler (And Other Aws Services Such As S3) To Assume The Permissions Of A Specific Iam Role. I Didn'T Find Any Reference To This In The Documentation

Hey LovelyHamster1 ,
This means that for some reason the agent on the instances created fails to run and the instance is terminated.
The credentials could definatly cause that.
Can you try adding the credentials as they appear in your clearml.conf?
To do so, create new credentials from your profile page in the UI, and add the entire section to the extra_trains_conf section in the following way:
extra_trains_conf = """ api { web_server: "<webserver>" api_server: "<apiserver>" files_server: "<fileserver>" credentials {"access_key": "<KEY>", "secret_key": "<SECRET>"} } """

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago