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Hi, I Run The Trains Server In An Docker Container And Started Making Use Of Tasks ... My Tests Are Showed On The Projects Dashboard Which Is Realy Cool. What I Haven'T Found So Far Is A Way To Clean Up The System From The Tests I Did. I'M Able To Archive

models been trained stored ...

mongodb will store url links, the upload itself is controlled via the "output_uri" argument to the Task
If None is provided, the Trains log the local stored model (i.e. link to where you stored your model), if you provide one, Trains will automatically upload the model (into a new subfolder) and store the link to that subfolder.

  • how can I enable the tensorboard and have the graphs been stored in trains?

Basically if you call Task.init all your TB is automatically also logged by trains (obviously you still have the TB files locally)

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago