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Hi, I Run The Trains Server In An Docker Container And Started Making Use Of Tasks ... My Tests Are Showed On The Projects Dashboard Which Is Realy Cool. What I Haven'T Found So Far Is A Way To Clean Up The System From The Tests I Did. I'M Able To Archive

Sorry, but I don'T understand how the cloned experiment is been provided with parameters.
A task which is been cloned by Trains might get its parameter via task.set_parameters(dict)
this parameters are comming from soe magic analysis of the argparse been used in the script.
AgitatedDove14 when is the call to set_parameter(...) been performed? Is the argparse call been somehow redirected and will receive the data from Trains instead of getting them via sys.argv or wherever argparse is getting them from? If so, why my cloned experiment is reporting missing mandatory arguments?
Starting Task Execution: TRAINS results page: usage: modeller.py [-h] [-v VERBOSE] [-s MONGODB_SERVER] [-a ASSET] [-d DATABASE] [-f FEATURE_COLLECTION] [-t TARGET_COLLECTION] [-c NR_CORES] [-m MODEL_ROOT] --algorithm ALGORITHM [ALGORITHM ...] [--use_trains] [--epochs EPOCHS] [--tracing] modeller.py: error: the following arguments are required: --algorithm

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
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