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[Webapp : Pipeline] Hey, Me Again. When We Try And Delete A Pipeline On The Web App Pipelines Page, It Shows That It Is Trying To Do So With A Dialogue Box That Opens With A “Deleting” Bar Swishing Across, But Then It Just Hangs, And Becomes Completely Un

There are no experiments in the project, let alone the pipeline; they’ve all been archived

And the app is presumably crashed because I can’t click the “Close” button – it’s (the whole page) totally unresponsive and I have to refresh the page, at which point the pipeline still exists (ie was not deleted).

I have left it on the deletion screen (screenshot) for 20-30 mins at one point and it didn’t do anything, so this seems to be a bug

I’m just the messenger here, didn’t set up the web app or really know anything about how it works. So, I will be passing on any requests for further information to a colleague

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago