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Ok, I Am Facing Another Issue In Setting Up My Local Server. I Have It Running Almost Ok, I Can Report Stuff, And Upload Artifacts And They Are Properly Being Stored In The Fileserver Location. I Tried Uploading A Json, Image, And Audio File. All Have Be

Ok, I am facing another issue in setting up my local server.

I have it running almost OK, I can report stuff, and upload artifacts and they are properly being stored in the fileserver location. I tried uploading a JSON, image, and audio file. All have been properly saved in the fileserver.

Now the problem is that in the WebUI, I can see the JSON in the artifacts tab, but I cannot see anything in the debug samples tab. Even though on the fileserver they are present, I get the options in the metric dropdown, but I cannot see the images or audio.

Any idea what is happening? Or if you could tell me how do I check the logs for the webserver, it would be a big help. Thanks!

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1537605927430000640:profile|NarrowSquirrel61> , how did you report the audio/image files?

Posted one year ago

m = np.eye(256, 256, dtype=np.float64)
m = np.eye(256, 256, dtype=np.uint8) * 255
m = np.concatenate((np.atleast_3d(m), np.zeros((256, 256, 2), dtype=np.uint8)), axis=2)
    "image color red", 

    'audio', 'audio wav', iteration=0,

This was how I was doing it as shown in the doc examples, btw, it works if I report some scalars before reporting any media. But if I report the media first, then the webUI doesnt show the media, but it gets uploaded to the fileserver.

Posted one year ago
2 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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