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Hi, My Agent Is Running On A Docker (When I Invoke Clearml-Agent I Pass --Docker <My Docker Name>). I Would Like To Pass Arguments To The Docker. Searching This Channel, I Found

my agent is running on a docker (when i invoke clearml-agent i pass --docker <my docker name>). i would like to pass arguments to the docker. searching this channel, i found

extra_docker_arguments: [
        "--shm-size", 8G,

i added it to the clearml conf on the agent's block. when i run a task, i do see it in the log:
agent.extra_docker_arguments.0 = --shm-size
agent.extra_docker_arguments.1 = 8G
but i also see:
Running Task xxxx inside default docker: <my docker name> arguments: []

Shouldn't my extra_docker_arguments appear in the "Running Task ... arguments: []" list?
if so, maybe i need to use a different flag than extra_docker_arguments?

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1541592227107573760:profile|EnchantingHippopotamus83> , do you see any of the arguments on the task itself?

Posted one year ago

Also, what happens if you apss it in agent.default_docker.arguments ?

Posted one year ago

yes. the lines above were from the task log. let me add more info from the task log:
task yyy pulled from zzz by worker www # first line
Running Task xxx inside default docker: <my docker name> arguments: [] # second line on the task log
Executing: ['docker', 'run', '-t', '--gpus', '"device=1"', '--shm-size', '8G', ...] # begining of the third line
agent.extra_docker_arguments.0 = --shm-size # later on
agent.extra_docker_arguments.1 = 8G # later on

Posted one year ago

default_docker: {
    arguments: ["--shm-size", 8G]

the above seems to do the trick.
second line on the web console output:
Running Task xxx inside default docker: <my docker name> arguments: ['--shm-size', '8G']
later on:
agent.default_docker.arguments.0 = --shm-size
agent.default_docker.arguments.1 = 8G
later on:
docker_cmd = <my docker name> --shm-size 8G

thank you for your help @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> :)

Posted one year ago

as for agent.default_docker.arguments:
add to the conf?

default_docker: {
        arguments: ["--shm-size=8G",]
Posted one year ago

I mean in the execution section of the task - under container section

Posted one year ago

Happy to help 🙂

Posted one year ago
7 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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