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Hello, I Have My Clearml Instance Hosted At Url "

I have my ClearML instance hosted at URL " None ".
ClearML agent for some reason cannot connect to " None "

DEBUG:urllib3.util.retry:Incremented Retry for (url='
'): Retry(total=239, connect=240, read=239, redirect=240, status=240)
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (2):`

The connection goes through corporate proxy, which is defined in http_proxy env variable None

curl on the other hand doesn't complain at all:


{"meta":{"id":"snip","trx":"snip","endpoint":{"name":"queues.get_default","requested_version":"2.5","actual_version":"2.4"},"result_code":401,"result_subcode":20,"result_msg":"Unauthorized (missing credentials)","error_stack":null,"error_data":{}},"data":{}}

I'm confident that if passed appropriate credentials, it would actually log in, because I don't have trouble accessing URL by browser and getting list of queues.

What could be a reason for this difference?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 6

Hi @<1523701122311655424:profile|VexedElephant56> , do you get the same response when you try to run a script with Task.init() without agent on that machine?

Posted one year ago

Yep, timeout as well, although requests.get(" None ") works just fine

Posted one year ago

api {
    # Notice: 'host' is the api server (default port 8008), not the web server.



    # Credentials are generated using the webapp, /settings
    # Override with os environment: CLEARML_API_ACCESS_KEY / CLEARML_API_SECRET_KEY
    credentials {"access_key": "snip", "secret_key": "snip"}
Posted one year ago

Alright, I have disabled the proxy entirely and now everything is fine. I still don't know what the reason is for this behaviour, GET requests get through just fine.

Posted one year ago

it's put in the home directory of mine

Posted one year ago

How is clearml.conf set on that machine?

Posted one year ago