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Hey, I'D Like To Store My Trained Models, Results Of Transformers Training, Into Local Disk. I Tried To Set Up

I'd like to store my trained models, results of transformers training, into local disk. I tried to set up default_output_uri: "file:///home/karol/data/" in ~/clearml.conf; however, after training the specified folder is empty. (Unfortunately default upload to fileserver constantly throws errors due to files size.) I have no idea where all files are stored. ClearML didn't raise any error and doesn't present any info in "Artifacts" tab. Do you have any ideas?

Posted one year ago
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@<1570220844972511232:profile|ObnoxiousBluewhale25> it creates a new Model here
If you want it to log to something other than the default file server create the clearml Task before starting the training:

task = Task.init(..., outout_uri="file:///home/karol/data/")
# now training

It will use the existing Task and upload to the destination folder

Posted one year ago

I'm using a special Callback provided by Transformers: None

Posted one year ago

The problem is "Artifacts" tab is empty, it wasn't with default logging (to the fileserver I guess) but then the files failed to upload.

Posted one year ago

Also, how are you saving your models?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1570220844972511232:profile|ObnoxiousBluewhale25> , you can click on the model in the artifacts tab and that should take you to the model repository. What is logged in the url of the model?

Posted one year ago

What if you set the default_output_uri to false ?

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago