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Question About The Task And Queue In The Clearml Sdk. There Are Three Machine, Machine A(Running The Clearml Server), Machine B (Linux, Target Machine To Run Task), Machine C(Windows, My Woring Machine). B And C Already Installed Clearml-Agent. I Want T

Hi @<1572395190897872896:profile|ShortWhale75> , that is not the correct way to use workers & queues.

First of all, Task.init will mark your task as running so this error makes sense.

The idea is first you run the code locally on your machine, once everything is logged (packages, repo, uncomitted changes & configurations) you can clone the task and then enqueue it into the agent.

Programmatically, you would watch to fetch an existing task in the system, clone it and then enqueue the new experiment.

Posted one year ago
0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago