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Hey, I'M Trying To Set Up Clearml To Work With Shared Drive Where All Models Are Going To Be Stored. Do You Know How To Store The Models During Training Simply By Saving The Path To Its Location? I Don'T Need To Send The Gigabyte-Size Files Through Clear

I'm trying to set up ClearML to work with shared drive where all models are going to be stored. Do you know how to store the models during training simply by saving the path to its location? I don't need to send the gigabyte-size files through ClearML file-server while all the data already is placed on a shared drive.

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1570220844972511232:profile|ObnoxiousBluewhale25> , you can use the output_uri parameter in Task.init to set a predetermined output destination for models and artifacts

Posted one year ago