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I Had A Good Look At All The Introduction Video On Youtube And Had Some Questions. Context: If We Are Going To Deploy And Maintain Clearml Servers Our Self In Azure:

I had a good look at all the introduction video on youtube and had some questions. Context: if we are going to deploy and maintain ClearML servers our self in Azure:

  • Can ClearML handle ActiveDirectory sign in ?
  • We have a custom model deployment pipeline: we do bundle them in installer rather than serve them as API on the web. Once a data scientist manage to build a model that he want to "deploy", how can he trigger our deployment pipeline from the UI and having a trace of it? In the rought way, you can tell the deploy pipeline that the model with this clearMl model id is ready to be deployed, and the deployment code use clearML API to pull the artefact and build the installer. But then how do you trace/track that ? Is there any hooks or webhooks in ClearML that get trigger when a model is tagged or publish ? I am thinking of the equivalent in MLFlow where a model change its stage to Production, a webhook is triggered.If there are any documentation relevant to my questions, I would appreciate if you can send those to me. Happy to real all that !
Posted one year ago
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Regarding #2, this can be easily be done by a monitoring script using the API, looking for published models - so the user just needs to publish the model, and your automated script can take it from there

Posted one year ago

For #2: it's a pull rather than a push system: you need to have a script that do pulling at regular interval and need to keep track what new and what not?

Posted one year ago

I also think it make sense that when you do certain definitive CI actions like publish, it would support some custom scripts to run.

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1576381444509405184:profile|ManiacalLizard2> ,
Regarding #1, this is a type of SSO login and it's supported by the scale/enterprise versions of ClearML Server

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago