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Hey Everyone, We'Re Running A Remote Execution (K8S Agent) Clearml Pipeline From Jupyterhub, But When The Agent Prepares The Environment, It Installs A Different Version Of The Packages Specified In Our

Hey everyone,
We're running a remote execution (K8S agent) ClearML pipeline from Jupyterhub, but when the agent prepares the environment, it installs a different version of the packages specified in our requirements.txt
This causes the pipeline to fail as boto3 and other packages do not support urllib3>=2.0.0 which is being installed.

We are specifying urllib3==1.26.14 both in our requirements.txt and inside the libraries downloaded onto our jupyter

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

how can I do this with a pipeline?

Posted one year ago

You can specify any extra requirements in the steps themselves

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1535793988726951936:profile|YummyElephant76> , did you use Task.add_requirements ?

Posted one year ago