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Hey Everyone, We'Re Running A Remote Execution (K8S Agent) Clearml Pipeline From Jupyterhub, But When The Agent Prepares The Environment, It Installs A Different Version Of The Packages Specified In Our

Hey everyone,
We're running a remote execution (K8S agent) ClearML pipeline from Jupyterhub, but when the agent prepares the environment, it installs a different version of the packages specified in our requirements.txt
This causes the pipeline to fail as boto3 and other packages do not support urllib3>=2.0.0 which is being installed.

urllib3==1.26.14 is specified both in our requirements.txt and inside the PipelineController 's packages parameter.
When the first task of the pipeline start executing it is defaulting to the latest urllib3 which causes the pipeline to immediately to fail.

How can this be fixed?

Posted 5 months ago
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Answers 7

I think this is what you're looking for - None

Posted 5 months ago

In that case you have the "packages" parameter for both the controller and the steps

Posted 5 months ago

We're using a pipeline, there is no Task object

Posted 5 months ago

Under add_step there is task_overrides and then you can find this section

reset requirements (the agent will use the "requirements.txt" inside the repo) task_overrides={'script.requirements.pip': ""}
Posted 5 months ago

We've added that parameter under the controller, but that parameter doesn't exist for add_step() , is there an alternative?

Posted 5 months ago

We'll try it out, thanks

Posted 5 months ago

We've added {"script.requirements.pip": "urllib3==1.26.14"} in each step of the pipelines however it still installs urllib3 2.0.3

Posted 5 months ago
7 Answers
5 months ago
5 months ago
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