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Hello clearml :slightly_smiling_face: I am having a small problem with `clearml-agents` mainly related to: _private repository, cache and vcs._ I am using the latest version `clearml-agents==1.5.2rc` on _python 3.10 (ubuntu:22.04_). I am running a `scri

Hello clearml 🙂
I am having a small problem with clearml-agents mainly related to: private repository, cache and vcs. I am using the latest version clearml-agents==1.5.2rc on python 3.10 (ubuntu:22.04 ).

I am running a script_a.py from a private_repo_a that also depends on private_repo_b . The script_a is launched from a service in such a way:

my_task= Task.create(
    project_name="My project",
    task_name="My task",
Task.enqueue(task=my_task.id, queue_name="default")

If I push new changes (e.g. commit_2 ) on script_a or in private_repo_b the clearml-agents still keep the previous commit.
To make it read the latest commit (e.g. commit_2 ), I open the clearml-agents machine, stop the agent, clear the cache ( ~.clearml ). it then works.

I have tried pretty much to set in the clearml-conf all these configurations:

pip_download_cache : {enabled: false, ... }
vcs_cache: { enabled: false, ...}

and finally this
venvs_cache: {max_entries: 0, ...}

but I still have this behaviour. the only way to make it is to clear the cache. Anything I am missing? Could you help me with that? thanks a lot !!! 🙂

Posted 9 months ago
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Hey @<1537605940121964544:profile|EnthusiasticShrimp49> 🙂

sorry I was not clear, with depends on private_repo_b , I meant in the requirement.txt I have something like

private_repo_b @ 

After my changes, I try to launch the script_a again either from a Task.create() syntax or even with task.execute_remotely()

in both cases it seems to re-use the older version of dev or the branch I am in. I looked into the log and even it finds a new commit, it seems to install the older one. not sure why.

Posted 9 months ago

Hey @<1574207113163444224:profile|ShallowCoyote86> , what exactly do you mean by "depends on private_repo_b "? Another question - after you push the changes, do you re-run script_a.py ?

Posted 9 months ago
2 Answers
9 months ago
9 months ago
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