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Hi Everyone

Hi everyone 👋
I'm working on a pipeline with PipelineController . I was wondering if you can make an "optional" step with a condition :
Imagine I create a pipeline with some steps, but sometimes I don't want to execute a step. This particular step is written as the pipeline should work when this step is executed and when not. Can you put a condition in the pipeline like if arg = None : skip step ? 🤔
Thanks 😁

Posted 10 months ago
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Hi @<1523701435869433856:profile|SmugDolphin23> ! Thank you for your answer, I will try both your suggestions 😉

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1546303293918023680:profile|MiniatureRobin9> ! When it comes to pipeline from functions/other tasks, this is not really supported. You could however cut the execution short when your step is being ran by evaluating the return values from other steps.

Note that you should however be able to skip steps if you are using pipeline from decorators

Posted 10 months ago
2 Answers
10 months ago
10 months ago
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