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Hi. We Have Task That Generate Trained Model In

Hi. We have Task that generate trained model in pth but our downstream pipeline is using omnx file and an custom generated yaml file.
Currently, when the training is finished, we generate those omnx and yaml file and upload as artefact. But then artefact are only bound to a Task. The Model (OutputModel object ?) only store the url to the pth file. In order to retrieve the omnx file, from the Model tab view, you need to trace back to the Task, then to the Artefact.
Is there a way to bundle and bind extra files (in our case omnx and yaml files) to a Model ?

Posted 4 months ago
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To "attach" that zip to the model, do you just use the update_weight and point to that zip file?

Posted 4 months ago

Hi @<1576381444509405184:profile|ManiacalLizard2> , I don't think such a capability currently exists. I would suggest opening a github feature request for this. As a workaround you could zip them up together and then bind them to an output model.

What do you think?

Posted 4 months ago

Yep 🙂

Posted 4 months ago
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4 months ago
4 months ago