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How Can I Control The

I tried mounting a config file (in the structure of the one on github but with just the relevant s3 section) into the agent-services container at /root/clearml.conf and after restarting the container, it seems to have had an impact. thank you!

When I inspect the console of the task I'm trying to run, I see there's a call to cp /tmp/clearml.conf ~/default_clearml.conf in the docker command and that the volume /tmp/clearml.conf is picked up from the host at some custom-named file under /opt/clearml/agent/

what exactly is the agent-services container doing re: the config file? this is very confusing that /root/clearml.conf is having an impact when there's also this conf file auto-generated. is there docker-in-docker going on here?

Posted 7 months ago
0 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago