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Hi Guys, I'M Trying To Deploy An Image Segmentation Model, So I Expect That The Front-End Of The Endpoint Will Allow Users To Upload Images, Get Their Segmented Images & Option To Annotate The Images If The Results Are Not Good Enough. My Question Is: How

hi guys, i'm trying to deploy an image segmentation model, so I expect that the front-end of the endpoint will allow users to upload images, get their segmented images & option to annotate the images if the results are not good enough. my question is: how should i implement my own frontend? i mean, if was using fastapi, I can imagine coding HTML files and then link them to the specific URL endpoint, but with ClearML, I don't know where should I put the code for my front-end, please help.

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1580367711848894464:profile|ApprehensiveRaven81> , for a frontend application you basically need to build something that will have access to the serving solution.

Posted one month ago

If you can hit the endpoint with curl, you for sure can hook it up to many frontend frameworks.

Personal recs: gradio, streamlit

Abstract the interaction into a function call, and wrap it all in some UI elements using python.

Posted one month ago

oh get it, thank you guys, i am new to this model deployment thing so your comment helped a lot

Posted one month ago

is there any chance you know an example of a model that's deployed with clearml-serving and have a custom front-end?/

Posted one month ago
4 Answers
one month ago
one month ago