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Hi Guys, I'M Trying To Deploy An Image Segmentation Model, So I Expect That The Front-End Of The Endpoint Will Allow Users To Upload Images, Get Their Segmented Images & Option To Annotate The Images If The Results Are Not Good Enough. My Question Is: How

hi guys, i'm trying to deploy an image segmentation model, so I expect that the front-end of the endpoint will allow users to upload images, get their segmented images & option to annotate the images if the results are not good enough. my question is: how should i implement my own frontend? i mean, if was using fastapi, I can imagine coding HTML files and then link them to the specific URL endpoint, but with ClearML, I don't know where should I put the code for my front-end, please help.

Posted 10 months ago
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is there any chance you know an example of a model that's deployed with clearml-serving and have a custom front-end?/

Posted 10 months ago

oh get it, thank you guys, i am new to this model deployment thing so your comment helped a lot

Posted 10 months ago

If you can hit the endpoint with curl, you for sure can hook it up to many frontend frameworks.

Personal recs: gradio, streamlit

Abstract the interaction into a function call, and wrap it all in some UI elements using python.

Posted 10 months ago

Hi @<1580367711848894464:profile|ApprehensiveRaven81> , for a frontend application you basically need to build something that will have access to the serving solution.

Posted 10 months ago
4 Answers
10 months ago
10 months ago