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Hey, Do You Know If It'S Possible To Execute A Custom Command Just Before Clearml Agent Starts The Container? I Know It'S Possible To Execute Custom Command Inside The Container That Is Being Run But I'M Interested In Making More Free Space Before The New

Hey, do you know if it's possible to execute a custom command just before ClearML Agent starts the container? I know it's possible to execute custom command inside the container that is being run but I'm interested in making more free space BEFORE the new docker image is pulled. Actually this is a quite common scenario that after a few runs using different images the VM runs out of space and needs pruning.

Posted 9 months ago
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Hi @<1570220844972511232:profile|ObnoxiousBluewhale25> , I don't think there is such a capability currently. It is possible to do via the autoscaler where some script will run before the container execution on the machine.

Maybe open a Github feature request to follow up on this?

Posted 9 months ago