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Hey All, I’M Trying To Follow The Yolov5 + Clearml Instructions.

Hey all, I’m trying to follow the YOLOv5 + Clearml instructions. None
When running things locally, everything runs super smooth, really nice tool!
But I’m trying with sending tasks to remote workers.
My worker is using Colab to run (following None ). The worker is running and receiving tasks, but it cannot pull the code, even though I’m hosting the code on a public repo + are using the https:// command to clone.
See logs attached - any idea what’s going on??

Posted 8 months ago
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Answers 4

Hi @<1627115732695257088:profile|TastyOctopus79> , did you provide the user/PAT to the agent using the agent.git_user and agent.git_pass settings?

Posted 8 months ago

See here for example: None

Posted 8 months ago

@<1627115732695257088:profile|TastyOctopus79> It seems I was incorrect in my suspicion - examining the log I see this:
gnutls_handshake() failed: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated
Which seems to indicate some networking issue on the client-side accessing Git - this is a known issue that may be affected by network proxies or some network setups

Posted 8 months ago

In the collab notebook I did fill in the fields before spinning up the agent.
But I don’t understand why the agent would need credentials in the first place if the repo is public?

Posted 8 months ago
4 Answers
8 months ago
8 months ago