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Hi All, I Am Using

Hi all,
I am using ClearML explicit task execution to run tasks on a self-hosted ClearML server. I have clearml-agent installed in a conda environment (python=3.9) and I'm using the clearml-agent execute [job-id] to run a task (originally python=3.10), and I was wondering how it determines the python executable. Is there some sort of parameter that I can read? Because in my hpc cluster, I can do module load python 3.x if I can pull that information if it's available somewhere in the ClearML api?

Python executable with version '3.10' requested by the Task, not found in path, using '/home/jmiclat/miniconda3/envs/agent/bin/python3' (v3.9.18) instead

Posted 10 days ago
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Ok thanks I'll look into that! I'm still wondering though, is there no endpoint that returns info on the python executable? I went through ClearML Task endpoints and ClearML api client for tasks as well and I couldn't find one that returns the environment, e.g. the python executable or like a requirements.txt of the experiment. Is there something I am overlooking? Or are is this information not yet available to the ClearML SDK?

Posted 9 days ago

Hi @<1600661428556009472:profile|HighCoyote66> , ClearML Agent will try to find the python version dynamically and then revert to most basic one it can find. My suggestion is to run everything in docker mode ( --docker ) so the python version can be set by the docker

Posted 10 days ago

Hey @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> , do you know of a way to use Podman instead of Docker?

Posted 18 hours ago

Unfortunately I don't think I can run in --docker mode, I'm on a RHEL 8 system which only supports podman (sucks I know but it's a university thing), is there any other options? I was thinking if there was some way to pull the python version from task metadata I could dynamically craete/reuse conda envs with the right environment.

Posted 9 days ago
4 Answers
10 days ago
11 hours ago