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Hello, I'M Trying To Use Clearml Agent To Build A Containerized Task

Hello, I'm trying to use clearml agent to build a containerized task None
The task runs ok but when I try to run the build command, one package has a dependency issue, and the error I get references some cache. Is it possible to run the build with no-cache?

Posted one month ago
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Answers 3

This is the command I'm using

clearml-agent build --id ${ID} --docker --target new-docker --entry-point clone_task --cpu-only

Is there a way to get this to skip over cached venvs and instead create a new env?

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1603560525352931328:profile|BeefyOwl35> , can you please elaborate on what you mean by running the build command?

Can you add a full log?

Posted one month ago

Can you please provide full logs of everything?

Posted one month ago