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Hi, I'M Trying To Run My Code With A Pipelinecontroller Within A Docker Container Instead Of On My Local Computer. Currently Having Trouble Where The Code Doesn'T Run In The Repo As Expected; "No Repository Found, Storing Script Code Instead" Is The Warni

Hi @<1633638724258500608:profile|BitingDeer35> ! Looks like the SDK doesn't currently allow to create steps/controllers with a designated cwd. You will need to call the set_script function on your step's tasks and on the controller for now.
For the controller: If you are using the PipelineDecorator, you can do something like: PipelineDecorator._singleton._task.set_script(working_dir="something") , before you are running the pipeline function. In the case of regular PipelineController s , you need to do something like controller._task.set_script("...") .
For steps: you need to iterate through each node and change the cwd before the nodes run:

for node in controller.nodes:
Posted 4 months ago
0 Answers
4 months ago
4 months ago