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Hi Everyone. I Am Trying To Migrate To Clearml And Need To Have My Old Training Logs Available In Clearml As Well. Unfortunately It Seems I Can'T Simply "Import" My Old Tensorboard Logs Into Clearml To Have It All In One Place. Does Any One Have A Suggest

Hi everyone. I am trying to migrate to ClearML and need to have my old training logs available in ClearML as well. Unfortunately It seems I can't simply "import" my old tensorboard logs into ClearML to have it all in one place. Does any one have a suggestion how I can import my tensorboard logs from older runs easily?

Posted one month ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1670964680270548992:profile|SuperiorOctopus47> , you can manually create experiments and log metrics into them via the REST API - None

You basically have some older runs on your tensorboard that you want to import to ClearML?

Posted one month ago

Hi @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> , thanks for your response.

Yes, exactly, I have some older runs on my tensorboard and would like to import them to ClearML.

Taking a quick look at the REST API you referenced, I am not sure how to best proceed.

Posted one month ago