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I'M Trying To Use The Aws Autoscaler And I'M Having Some Difficulties With The Ami Configuration. From What I Tested The Ami Should Include:

I'm trying to use the AWS autoscaler and I'm having some difficulties with the AMI configuration.
from what i tested the AMI should include:

  • python install
  • docker install
    is there a minimal list of actions for the AMI beside the above?
    do you have a recommended AMI template to use?
Posted 3 months ago
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Answers 2

well there is no default one.. and in the docs there is nothing about it. would be nice to add a minimal requirements for the AMI in the docs, instead of just writing "The AWS AMI to launch".
thanks for the answer :)

Posted 3 months ago

Hi @<1594863230964994048:profile|DangerousBee35> , this is pretty much it. I think the default one suggested is a good one

Posted 3 months ago
2 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago