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Hi There! I Want To Set Up Clearml On A Kubernetes Cluster. The Whole Setup Including Authentication Of Fixed Users Seems To Work Fine. I Can Log In On The Webapp And Generate Credentials For Connecting My Local Clearml Installation. The Clearml-Init Also

Hi there! I want to set up clearml on a kubernetes cluster. The whole setup including authentication of fixed users seems to work fine. I can log in on the webapp and generate credentials for connecting my local clearml installation. The clearml-init also works but when I want to create an initial dataset using clearml-data create --project "test project" --name "test name" I get an error Error: Failed getting token (error 401 from None .*****.com): Unauthorized (invalid credentials) (failed to locate provided credentials) . Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Posted 18 days ago
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Hi @<1523701827080556544:profile|JuicyFox94> I figured out what the problem is! For some recent experimentation I set an acces_key and secret_key as environment variables in my os. When I deleted them everything worked fine so the environment variables overwrote the keys given by the clearml.conf. Is that the desired default behaviour?
And just one tip for everbody having similar problems: Switch to using the SDK instead of the CLI for better debugging. This helped me to find the cause of my issue. :)

Posted 17 days ago

The clearml-data call results in these two lines in the ingress logs. Is that sufficient or would you like to have a larger section of the log?

2024/03/26 16:07:10 [warn] 2879#2879: *1151249 upstream sent duplicate header line: "server: clearml", previous value: "Server: Werkzeug/3.0.1 Python/3.9.18", ignored while reading response header from upstream, client: ***.***.***.22, server: api.clearml.****.com, request: "GET /auth.login HTTP/1.1", upstream: "
", host: "api.clearml.****.com" - CN1YAZ1L7J4CY6GO8WQW [26/Mar/2024:16:07:10 +0000] "GET /auth.login HTTP/1.1" 401 347 "-" "python-requests/2.30.0" 449 0.005 [default-clearml-apiserver-8008] [] 347 0.005 401 03f88a11d9264e7f078e8370a5e33dd2
Posted 18 days ago

adding @<1523701087100473344:profile|SuccessfulKoala55> to the conversation because I’m not totally sure the problem relies on ingress, it looks to be a bad token but it shouldn’t since init was good

Posted 18 days ago

ok so we should see the call in ingress controller logs, can you pls share them?

Posted 18 days ago

Yes it is.

Posted 18 days ago

url returning 401 is same as one exposed by ingress (if you are using them ofc)?

Posted 18 days ago
6 Answers
18 days ago
17 days ago