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Is It Normal That (Idle) Workers That Are Spun By The Aws Autoscaler Are Not Shut Down When The Autoscaler Is Stopped? I'M Experiencing This Issue A Lot And Wondered Maybe That'S The Desired Behavior?

is it normal that (idle) workers that are spun by the aws autoscaler are not shut down when the autoscaler is stopped? I'm experiencing this issue a lot and wondered maybe that's the desired behavior?

Posted 13 days ago
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@<1639799308809146368:profile|TritePigeon86> +1

Posted 13 days ago

if I have to guess, it is. after all, the Autoscaler is not up, so it can't shut them down. this means you're waiting for amazon to take them away instead.

Posted 13 days ago
2 Answers
13 days ago
12 days ago